Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an effective internet marketing strategy that had been used for over the years of many online business owners. The good result will only take effect if the emails sent will not fall on the spam folders, don’t you think the same? The rate of getting not click is the primary enemy for email marketer that is why it is important to know how email marketing works to prevent this from happening.

Email Marketing

So, here are the 8 tips and tricks you can begin with to make an instant progress on the open and click through rates for the emails that you send.

8. Mind the CAN-Spam rules and regulations:

Established and passed on the year 2003, the CAN-Spam law means Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornographic and Marketing for commercial email messaging such as promotional campaigns and newsletters. The law gives the right to the recipient to stop receiving emails from them and also outlined some penalties with those violators. To avoid getting complaints, your email must include your valid postal address and you need to give options to the subscribers to opt the emails such as the unsubscribe button and need to put clear sender and receiver information line. This does not only to means you compliedwith the rules but also helps in effective delivery of the emails.

7. Follow Up Is Important For New Subscribers:

This must be done for the new contact you acquired on your list and follow up should be done within a day you in order to get pulse for future engagement from customers. This is also a great time when the prospect customers wait for updates and expects to receive newsletter from the website and automating things will ease you in this task.

6. Send Email With Personalized Sender Under The Company:

Due to the high open rate of emails send from person, we suggest that you must not send emails under company name but generate a more personalized sender email and names to get people from being skeptical in opening it.

5. Keep It Short And Concise:

Long emails will just bypass the attention of the recipient but if it is short with the information and message you want to convey there is high rate that the reader will check it out on your website thus, making it more effective.

4. Check Out The Preview First:

To avoid mistakes on grammar on the body of the email, you can check your email preview first before hitting the send button. In other words, you are just making a double check up to ensure that you are not wasting your effort and opportunity to increase engagement of customers and audience.

3. Include Call-Action In Email:

Not just the message should entice, you must make sure you have included a call-action link where the reader can click and place it in a location that can easily catch the attention. This is because despite the effort of the internet marketer, the reader will just skim the emails without actually reading the whole content. If there is a call-action included, that helps them follow the link if they are interested.

2. Put alt Text On Images:

If the email that you send for campaigns and promotions included images then it is suggestively to put an alt text. In the properties of images you can check that, and then add text. It is done because many email blocks photos and images by default as a result, customers and readers will not see it.

1. Putting Link On Images:

This is the last tips but certainly is not the least. If your primary reason in doing email marketing is to get people click and visit the website then you can increase your chances rate by adding link on the images you put on the email newsletters.

With that, we hope we have able to contribute help in order to improve the way you do your email marketing. Should there are other tips we missed, kindly drop them on comments and we be happy to check them out and evaluate it to help our readers.